Company History

  • 1970s

    First Service Station

    An Australian Company that began in 1975 as a service station in Lakemba, founded by John and Norman Dib, Metro Petroleum has expanded to become a leading petroleum retailer and one of the largest independent service station franchises across the continent.

  • 1980s

    Major Petroleum Company

    By the 1980s, the Metro Petroleum brand was on its way from a large oil franchise to a major petroleum company. Metro Petroleum has expanded from Sydney to Newcastle, Wollongong, and other many other states.

  • 2000s

    Acquired Assets

    In 2004, Dib Group of Companies acquired the assets and business of Hill & Co, a major Mobil Oil regional fuel distribution business, primarily located in southern New South Wales.

  • Today

    Leading Petroleum Franchise

    Today, Metro Petroleum has their own trucks, fuels tankers, and drivers as well as services stations with depots, offering services and employment to many people in the region. The company is one of the largest independent franchises in the country with over 180 service stations in the network. Metro Petroleum handles their own marketing and merchandising, handled by a buying group called Metro and Co., offering promotions for the service stations along with merchandise and support to site franchise operators.

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