Franchise Opportunity

A Metro Petroleum franchise is an opportunity to make your dreams come true. It gives you the chance to operate your own business, to be your own boss, and to build a business you can be proud of. To become a Metro Petroleum franchisee, you’ll need the willingness to work hard to establish your Metro Petroleum business, a good credit rating, the necessary capital to invest, and a commitment to exceptional customer service—since the customer is the most important ingredient in a successful Metro Petroleum business.

We offer prospective franchisees a proven business system along with a ready-to-operate store based on customer needs.

The Metro Petroleum Business System

The Metro Petroleum business system is based on a valuable and proven worldwide system of operation; a trademark that is a recognised and well accepted franchise concept. Our business system offers these major benefits to guide you in setting up and managing your new franchise:


When you decide to take on a Metro Petroleum franchise, you participate in the Metro Petroleum Franchisee Training Programme. This comprehensive programme includes actual in-store experience in a Metro Petroleum store, complemented by classroom training where you learn a variety of management skills, techniques, and procedures essential to customer service and the successful operation of your store.

Ongoing Business Support

A Metro Petroleum Operations District Manager provides you with an ongoing, long-term connection with the company. Your District Manger will work with you to monitor and develop your individual franchise business. Support is provided for an analysis of your store’s performance, operating expenses, products and merchandising, implementation of marketing and promotional programmes, and more.

Payroll Services

Many of our existing franchised Metro Petroleum stores are family operated, or operated with a business partner. Even so, it is usually necessary to employ additional part-time and full-time assistance. You will be responsible for hiring employees to fulfill several roles as well as the associated payroll expenses.

Merchandising Assistance

Metro Petroleum offers merchandising assistance for your franchise. We prepare lists of recommended suppliers and merchandise as well as suggested retail prices. You choose the range of product lines from this extensive list for your store. Note: Metro Petroleum proprietary products must be offered in all stores.


An ongoing promotional and marketing programme is developed and provided for franchise stores. This includes various forms of advertising support to stimulate additional sales and profits. To ensure consistency throughout our national group of stores, all stores must participate in this promotional activity.


As part of the Metro Petroleum team, you will enjoy the opportunity to attend territory conferences in order to stay informed about innovations, strategies, and the future direction of the overall business. This is a chance for you to meet your franchise peers and have a good time as well.

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