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Sustain your travel with a variety of fuel options to perform well with whatever vehicle you are driving. At Metro Petroleum, we offer high-quality, high-performance products, and we partner with leading companies to give you the very best.

Rely on Metro Petroleum for the types of Petrol to meet any need, anytime.

Cleaner-burning unleaded fuel for drivers who want quality and affordability. Note that some pre-1986 vehicles require an additive; also that some vehicle manufacturers recommend premium fuel in newer vehicles.

A progressive option in unleaded ethanol-blended fuel to attract motorists.

Premium unleaded fuel suitable for modern cars. Note that pre-1986 vehicles require an additive; also that some vehicle manufacturers recommend this fuel or higher-octane fuel (98 Octane).

High-octane, high-performance unleaded fuel for all vehicles. Note that some pre-1986 vehicles require an additive.

Low-sulphur, premium-quality fuel suitable for diesel-powered engines in Australia.

Biodiesel is an effective fuel manufactured from sustainable and renewable sources such as vegetable oils and rapeseed. It has a high cetane index that often equates to better combustion and ignition. Biodiesel contains oxygen and is known to burn more efficiently and cleanly, resulting in improved fuel consumption.

Clean burning, liquified petroleum gas (LPG) that is manufactured to conform to automotive industry requirements. LPG offers environmental benefits such as reduced toxins and greenhouse gas emissions as well as less impact on the ozone.

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Metro Petroleum is a major petroleum retailer servicing over 40,000 private and commercial clients on a regular basis, which makes the company one of Australia’s largest independent service station franchises.

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